It has been my pleasure to work with Todd on many projects over the past many years. From logo development, to characters, concept design to branding and idea generation that developed into thoughtful story driven strategies.

Todd’s skill sets are strong in concept development as well as finished execution. His ability to work independently as well as in a team setting has made invaluable on our projects.

In many instances I have developed designs and concepts myself and sent them off to Todd knowing that they will always come back perfectly interpreted and in most cases well improved upon.

He is an excellent resource for individuals and companies that would like to take their products and ideas to the next level as well as an excellent resource for new and innovative thinking.

Lawrence Nelson

CEO, Lead Creative, NVision Studios

I have worked with Todd Heard for the last several years and he has created numerous pieces of art for our agency including, an animated video, activity books, service area map, tablecloths, student folders, photo-op pop-outs, posters, and more.

Todd’s work is meticulous and truly eye-catching.  He always provides a reasonable quote, ensures the work is done in a timely manner, and is a pleasure to work with.

The best thing about working with Todd is that I can envision something in my mind and he can bring it to life, exactly how I have it pictured in my brain.

Malea Ortloff

Public Affairs Officer, Education, EMWD

One day I had a vision of my current brand Saver Gator. I thought, I want a MASCOT! I got referred to Todd through my brother and the rest was history.

Having NEVER done anything like this, Todd worked with me – to hone in on a design that is PERFECT for my brand! Saver Gator is a great mix of friendly, cute and fun!

Todd gave me numerous poses and a the rest is history!

If you are looking for a mascot, graphical figure, etc, you can’t go wrong!

Steve Mougeotte

Owner, Saver Gator and Great Deals Marketing

I met Todd in Linkedin. I think Todd is rich in talent and ability to manage projects independently. Todd has shown remarkable ability to work in a variety of activities for visual media with good results. Very active worker.

Careful and precise and capable of performing the work in harmony with the demands and requirements of the requests. I admire his will and his enthusiasm.

Also kind and humble, Todd listens to advice and knows to use it in the best way possible.

Leonardo Spoladore

Concept Designer

Todd’s animation talents are very high level.  It was a total pleasure working with him as he is very hard-working, detail-oriented and creative. He truly cared about the project and making it the best and incorporating my suggestions and even changes along the way.  He had brilliant suggestions in addition to my own ideas.  I am 1000% pleased with Todd and would DEFINITELY work again with him!!!

Prince Peter of England

Stand-Up Comic

Todd was excellent to work with. My schedule was a bit erratic and he demonstrated good patience, professionalism and cooperation. His artwork and graphics are outstanding, a real pleasure to work with on my concepts. I would definitely hire him again!

Ray Millar

Owner, Where is Floyd

Todd is a very talented illustrator. He has created dozens of illustrations for my company over the years. We are always pleased with his work and eye.

Jonathan Fisher

Chairman, BrandExtract

I had the pleasure of hiring and working with Todd a few years back– not only is he an extraordinarily gifted creative talent (yes, he can actually conceptualize and draw quite well with a REAL pencil!!!); he has tremendous illustration and animation skills; is genuinely tech-savvy; and is a delight to work with (i.e., has a wonderful, playful sense of humor that never grows old). Trust me– Todd is a rare and valuable find!

Tommy Oddo

Principal, Oddo Design

Todd and I worked together developing new media when the Internet was in its infancy (800 baud modems were very slow). We were on the bleeding edge of a revolution. Todd was very creative, artistic, knowledgeable and adventurous; we had fun and introduced new techniques and new thinking to a lot of people.

Scott Muster

Marketing Director, Digital Reality

Todd is without a doubt the finest designer I have ever worked with. He is fast, reliable and delivers the highest quality art and design. It is always a privilege to work with Todd and I always look forward to our projects together.

Greg Osti

President, Immersiv Media

Todd is a extremely talented artist and co worker. Someone you could depend on to hold his end of the project up and produce great results and a pleasant chap to boot.

John Gonzales

3d Artist, Rounder Graphics