Game Design

After building sites for years, I got a job producing Flash games for the Garfield studio, Paws. I strengthened my Actionscript programming skills while developing fun, interactive games for the Professor Garfield website. After I left Paws I continued developing games with Actionscript. But instead of focusing just on the web, I expanded my scope by developing a game for iOS using Flash, Flash Builder and Adobe Air technology. Since it was announced the Flash was going to be phased out in 2020. I’ve focused my attention to producing games in other technologies like Xcode, the Swift programming language, and Unity.

I’ve been fortunate to work on games for a few employers and clients. I use to design themed quests for the popular kids website I often designed the game levels and various character outfits for the quests. Another part of my work for Poptropica was to design web ads to fit the various formats they had in the site. But designing the game levels were a lot more fun.