I use┬ástate-of-the-art animation software to create my animations. Even though I specialize in cartoon animation, I can work in other styles as well. Be sure to scroll down to see the videos and gallery. The main software I use for 2d animation is Toon Boom Harmony. Before using Harmony I used Flash for a lot of my cartoon animation. It was handy when doing games as well. I used to study 3d animation as well. But only use 3d when I need to. Sometimes it’s useful for creating 3d props or stages for my animations. I’ve worked in the most advanced 3d packages, Maya, SoftImage and more recently Blender. For other projects I’ve used After Effects. I sometimes use it for doing special effects not easily done in Harmony. For example, I created an animated star field for my Wet Trek animation. I use whatever software it takes to get the job done. And for what looks best in the end.