High Definition Animations

Early Animation Experience

Most of my early experience in animation came from Interactive Multimedia Projects I created for clients. I would create animated elements for the projects I worked on. Around that time I constructed my animation light table and produced a few short traditional hand-drawn animations for my employer. But I wanted more traditional animation training so I found the only traditional animation studio in Houston, TX called Stone Soup and worked with them on a few animations. But my learning didn’t stop there. Over time I’ve collected a large library of books and videos. I’ve used these resources to increase my knowledge of animation and artistry.

My 3D Experience

For several years I worked with expensive 3D packages like SoftImage and Alias PowerAnimator. This was when good 3D apps cost $10,000 for a single license. When Maya’s price dropped to $2000 a year I got a license for that app and used it for a while. Since I only use 3D on occasion now, I use Blender. It’s more powerful now, than these 3D apps were in their day. 

Recent Animation Experience

After working for Garfield & Poptropica I decided to relaunch my business but focus mostly on 2D animation. I’ve been successful with keeping momentum in that area.  For the past10 months I’ve been studying Traditional Animation with animation legend, Don Bluth. We are given weekly assignments. They are critiqued personally by Don in a live video feed each week. This class has augmented my understanding of feature quality animation drawn on paper. Most of my experience with animation has been with the computer. But working with just pencil and paper has been enlightening.  It has helped me understand how classic animation was produced. I’m using my new found knowledge to improve upon my existing way of working. So I can take the lessons on paper and apply them to my digital workflow. This bridges the styles into something that can be produced on a lower budget, while retaining the quality.


Standard Definition Animations