High Definition Animations

Early Animation Experience

Most of my early experience in animation came from Interactive Multimedia Projects I created for clients. I would create animated elements for the projects I worked on. Around that time I constructed my animation light table and produced a few short traditional hand-drawn animations for my employer. But I wanted more traditional animation training so I found the only traditional animation studio in Houston, TX called Stone Soup and worked with them on a few animations. But my learning didn’t stop there. Over time I’ve collected a large library of books and videos. I’ve used these resources to increase my knowledge of animation and artistry.

My 3D Experience

For several years I worked with expensive 3D packages like SoftImage and Alias PowerAnimator. This was when good 3D apps cost $10,000 for a single license. When Maya’s price dropped to $2000 a year I got a license for that app and used it for a while. Since I only use 3D on occasion now, I use Blender. It’s more powerful now, than these 3D apps were in their day. 

Recent Animation Experience

After working for Garfield & Poptropica I decided to relaunch my business but focus mostly on 2D animation. I’ve been successful with keeping momentum in that area. I now use expensive 2D animation software. And have produced dozens of shorts for my clients. I still use 3D software to keep that going, but I specialize in 2D now.


Standard Definition Animations