3d Animation

I started my animation experience in the 90’s. I started with an app called Strata Studio Pro on a Mac. I started making graphics and animation for multimedia projects. Then I learned about high-end apps on SGI workstations. This was at a time when workstations were very expensive. Many costing 30 – 60 thousand dollars. The software I used was Alias PowerAnimator. It was only available on the SGI platform. It was the pre-cursor to Maya. Then SoftImage, a high-end software package became available on Windows NT. It was still very expensive at that time. But I arranged for my employer to buy a workstation and SoftImage in exchange for my services. I produced several print projects and animations using SoftImage. Later when Maya became popular and when they lowered their price I bought a license for it. I produced more graphics for print and animation. But my focus began to shift to 2d animation. Eventually I let the licenses for Maya and SoftImage expire. At the time, I couldn’t justify the expense. Some time later I discovered Blender 3D. It’s a free, open-source application. Blender is my go-to application anytime I need 3d. It’s as powerful now as any of these older apps were in their day. I still do 3d on occasion. It’s not my focus because of the time involved in producing 3d animations.