Standard Definition Animations

All of the animations on this page were created before HD video because the standard for TVs and Computers. They look better at a smaller size, which is why they are clustered here.

Early Animation Experience

Most of my early experience in animation came from Interactive Multimedia Projects I created for clients. I would create animated elements for the projects I worked on. Around that time I constructed my animation light table and produced a few short traditional hand-drawn animations for my employer. But I wanted more traditional animation training so I found the only traditional animation studio in Houston, TX and worked with them on a few animations. But my learning didn’t stop there. I’ve learned from animation greats like, Brian Lemay, Preston Blair, Richard Williams, Aaron Blaise and many others. These are few of the authors that are part of my large animation and art library. I’ve also learned with every project I complete. Which is well over 2 dozen animations now.