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About Treefox Cartoons

Treefox Cartoons is a studio that produces cartoon animation and illustration. It was founded in 2009 by myself, Todd Heard. I’m a 25 year vet in the field of the graphic arts. I’ve produced award-winning work for broadcast, web, print and interactivity. I’ve also designed mascots and logos for resorts, restaurants, chain-stores, and retail products. I’ve produced animation for mobile, internet and broadcast. I have a lot of experience in creating fun games and learning activities. I’ve had the pleasure of working for entertainment web sites like Poptropica and Professor Garfield and many other creative studios. I live in Muncie, Indiana, but I work with people in other states and even in other countries.

Circa 1991

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My Animation Experience

Most of my early experience in animation came from multimedia projects I designed. I would create animated elements for the projects I worked on. Around that time I constructed my animation table and produced a few short drawn animations for my employer. But I wanted more experience so I found the only animation studio in town and worked with them to learn the craft.

In addition to learning 2d animation, I also learned 3d animation. I worked some of the most advanced 3d applications like Maya and SoftImage. I also continued creating animations for web sites and multimedia projects. And worked with Flash to create animated intros, interface elements and supporting animations for the projects I worked on.

Some time later I worked as a Flash artist / programmer. I gained more experience animating elements of the Flash games and activities I worked on. I learned how to construct characters in Flash. Although I had done Flash animation before. I began to understand cutout animation on a more expert level. I animated e-cards, mobile animations and game elements. I expanded my knowledge of constructing characters to do complex facial and body movements.

Over the last several years I’ve produced several animations from start to finish. My animation skills have continued to evolve with every production I do. I’ve always been a storyteller at heart but now I tell stories through my work. I help others tell their story through humor and visual flair.

I work with the most advanced animation software on the planet. I leverage this technology to save production time while enhancing the quality of my animations. While I have an established animation workflow, I am always broadening my skills to produce the best work for my clients.