Todd at Work

About Treefox Cartoons

Treefox Cartoons is a studio that produces cartoon animation and illustration. It was founded in 2009 by myself, Todd Heard. I’m a 25 year vet in the field of the graphic arts. I’ve produced award-winning work for broadcast, web, print and interactivity. I’ve also designed mascots and logos for resorts, restaurants, chain-stores, and retail products. I’ve produced animation for mobile, internet and broadcast. I have a lot of experience in creating fun games and learning activities. I’ve had the pleasure of working for entertainment web sites like Poptropica and Professor Garfield and many other creative studios. I live in Muncie, Indiana, but I work with people in other states and even in other countries.

Circa 1991

List of Services

• Cartoon illustration

• Cartoon Animation

• Logos and Icons

• Mascot and Character Design

• Comic Art

• Game Design and Production

Why Cartoons

Why Cartoons Work for Marketing and Education.

  • They’re funny.
  • They can explain hard to understand topics.
  • They can approach sensitive subjects.
  • They help with learning and memory retention.
  • They take less work to produce than ever before.
  • They give you more bang for your buck.
  • They can fuse reality and fantasy.
  • They can make you feel various emotions.
  • They’re entertaining.
  • They’re great sales tools.
  • They can be enjoyed by a wide range of audience members.
Animation Table

My Animation Experience

Most of my early experience in animation came from multimedia projects I designed. I would create animated elements for the projects I worked on. Around that time I constructed my animation table and produced a few short drawn animations for my employer. But I wanted more experience so I found the only animation studio in town and worked with them to learn the craft.

In addition to learning 2d animation, I also learned 3d animation. I worked some of the most advanced 3d applications like Maya and SoftImage. I also continued creating animations for web sites and multimedia projects. And worked with Flash to create animated intros, interface elements and supporting animations for the projects I worked on.

Some time later I worked as a Flash artist / programmer. I gained more experience animating elements of the Flash games and activities I worked on. I learned how to construct characters in Flash. Although I had done Flash animation before. I began to understand cutout animation on a more expert level. I animated e-cards, mobile animations and game elements. I expanded my knowledge of constructing characters to do complex facial and body movements.

I work with the most advanced animation software on the planet. I leverage this technology to save production time while enhancing the quality of my animations. While I have an established animation workflow, I am always broadening my skills to produce the best work for my clients.